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Quality Control in Manufacturing and Installation, and Stability Monitoring of Metal and Concrete Structures for Bridge at km-116 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

The ROBIN team created a great reputation in its two first projects and offered to work on a new bridge for km-116 of the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway in 2022 with an estimated duration of 2 to 3 years. Although this bridge is smaller comparing to the size of the bridge at km-209, the inspection and monitoring […]

Quality Control in Installation and Stability Monitoring of Metal and Concrete Structures for Bridge at km-209 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

Following the successful results in the first ROBIN’s project, the team successfully contracted a project in two phases for installation, and stability monitoring for the same bridge at km-209 of the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway.For the stability monitoring phase, the ROBIN team was responsible to design and run a set of tests on the bridge (inspections on […]

Quality Control in Fabrication of Welded Structure for Bridge at km-209 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

The first ROBIN’s project in inspection and quality control in manufacturing of the welded metal structure of the bridge to be installed at km-209 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway. The ROBIN team was hired for the first time in 2018 to use NDT and the new ROBIN technology to quality control the manufacturing of welding, and the […]

9 Collateral Events to Explore While Visiting the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale

As one of the most important and visited contemporary architecture exhibitions worldwide, the Venice Architecture Biennale extends beyond the grounds of the Giardini and the Arsenale, and at Forte Marghera to engage the whole city in discussing relevant issues, challenges, and opportunities of the architectural profession. To explore more diverse perspectives of the overarching theme, […]

Climate-Proof Architecture: Supertextured Cladding for Extreme Conditions

One of the primary functions of architecture is to provide shelter, fulfilling the physiological and safety needs at the base of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human motivation. Throughout history, the need for shelter has been evident in our ancestors’ behavior, who sought refuge in caves to protect themselves from weather conditions and predators. As societies […]

Analysis of Defficiencies in Building Structure as a Contributing Factor to Building Failure

Building failure is a state where a building is in ruins and/or unusable after the final delivery of construction.Many factors cause building failure, ranging from imperfect planning, poor use of materials, implementation ofuntechnical work, incorrect use of space functionality and improper and/or imprecise maintenance. Previousstudies have researched about planning, supervision and implementation, but this study […]

Structural and Building Engineering – an Introduction

Construction is a reflection of the current state of society. The construction is created as a result of a creative process including preparation, all stages of design and implementation. Current trends of modern building structures with a large span are characterized by the introduction of new types of load-bearing structural systems with excellent ecological, economic […]