Quality Control in Manufacturing and Installation, and Stability Monitoring of Metal and Concrete Structures for Bridge at km-116 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

The ROBIN team created a great reputation in its two first projects and offered to work on a new bridge for km-116 of the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway in 2022 with an estimated duration of 2 to 3 years. Although this bridge is smaller comparing to the size of the bridge at km-209, the inspection and monitoring for this bridge is much more critical because of the live traffic exist under the bridge that can be interrupted only for short periods of time per days. This project will be conducted in three phases, as follows:

    • Phase I: Quality control of manufacturing of metal structure and welding.
    • Phase II: Quality control of installation of the metal structure and concrete foundation columns.
    • Phase III: Long-term stability monitoring of the bridge after installation is used.

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