ROBIN's Team  

The structure of ROBIN is team-based. Everyone at ROBIN works as a team member and contributes toward product delivery and/or providing project services at the ultimate level of quality.
The research and development, business development, product management, project management, and technology management in the ROBIN team rely on high-level expertise and experiences supported by its team members. The team members are highly educated professionals with a wide range of expertise including:

Team Members

Arash is the leader of the ROBIN team and also the director of research and development. He is the chair of the executive committee which includes the ROBIN’s board of directors. This committee creates ROBIN’s strategic plan for short-term and long-term perspectives.Arash is also responsible for the dynamic development of ROBIN know-how for various applications and the required for ROBIN’s future projects. His mandate is defined by ROBIN’s strategic plan developed by the strategic planning committee. He is responsible to develop the required practical knowledge and methodologies to support achieving all the defined objectives. He is responsible for day-to-day R&D activities including management of the R&D projects, scheduling the activities, allocation of the resources, hiring researchers and experts for short-term and long-term collaboration, partnership with research institutes and universities, and transfer of knowledge to the other ROBIN team members and departments. With his BSc, and MSc in applied physics, Ph.D. in energy systems, and over 5 years of research and teaching in energy systems and heat transfer, Computer-aided simulation, and engineering simulation-based software development.

Arash Haghani

Strategic Planning and R&D Management

Ebrahim Barari

Head of Business Development

Ebra is a member of ROBIN’s executive committee and is also responsible for business development. On a day-to-day basis, he is responsible for helping ROBIN to obtain better brand recognition and financial growth. He coordinates with the executive committee and sales & marketing professionals to review current market trends in order to propose new business ideas that can improve revenue margins. Ebra’s feedback to the executive committee is used to develop the strategic plans for ROBIN. Ebrahim studies the target areas for business development and potential markets /customers for ROBIN’s future.Ebra has an engineering degree in fluids and energy systems, an MSc in industrial engineering management, and a Ph.D. in MBA. He has over 10 years of experience in project management and maintenance of hydraulic dams, a background in quality management systems and quality assurance standards for supply chain management, and significant experience in international sales and marketing.

Ehsan is ROBIN’s executive member for project management. Upon further development and expansion of ROBIN’s products and services, Ehsan will oversee all ROBIN projects. However, he employs new team members and local contractors to complete the management of the individual projects under his supervision. Ehsan interacts directly with customers at the implementation sites. He also receives customer feedback and transfers them to the executive committee and the other departments.Ehsan is a professional Civil Engineer with over 21 years of experience in the management of large-scale constructions including highway bridges, water pipelines, and water filtration plants. He is also very well familiar with quality assurance requirements and standards.

Ehsan Ahmadi

Lead of Project Management

Amir Barati

Head of Technology Management

Amir is ROBIN’s executive member for technology management. Technology management is the core activity in ROBIN’s workflow. Technology management is the link between the two main loops of the entire ROBIN’s workflow, i.e. the development loop and the customer loop. In the development loop, Amir is responsible to receive the technology mandates from the R&D department and implement the developed methodologies/technologie. In addition, he supports the business development department with various software, social media tools, and other cyber technologies. In the customer loop, he is responsible to support both product management and project management departments for all of their technological needs. Amir is a professional electrical engineer, with over 15 years in various electronics, engineering software tools, and mechatronics applications. He is also an expert in automation, driving actuators, drones, vision, and image processing systems.

Alireza is ROBIN’s executive member for product management. Production of ROBIN’s technology including the hardware and software logistics, delivery to the customer, customer support, and receiving feedback from the customer are among Alireza’s responsibilities. Alireza manages the production cycle to deploy ROBIN products and deliver them to the customers. He purchases the required tools and services from local and international suppliers, controls their qualities, and employs them for ROBIN’s production cycle. Alireza leads ROBINs product and marketing teams, with responsibility for the definition and implementation of ROBINs product strategy to deliver innovative solutions that create actionable insights and value for the companys clients. Alireza holds a bachelors degree in applied physics with over 20 years’ experience in installation, quality control, and maintenance of metal welded structures for bridges, plants, and pipelines. He is an expert in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of welded structures for quality control and lifetime assessment. Alireza has also significant experience in plant equipment management, purchasing, and preventive maintenance management.

Alireza Heidari

Product Management