ROBIN is an innovative start-up company founded in 2022. Since intelligent maintenance has increasingly become one of the main needs of various industries, ROBIN has presented a new method in diagnostic inspection, data analysis for intelligent maintenance of concrete and metal structures.Detection of initiation and propagation of cracks in structural materials including concrete and metals has been always very challenging. This detection is highly critical particularly for quality assurance purposes during or after construction and for continual maintenance of the structures.

Crack development on the surface of various concrete and metal structures can pose severe damage and serious safety issues. Common human/computer visual-based inspection and radio frequency detection techniques are costly and time invasive. ROBIN’s innovative solution is applied as a layer cover to the surfaces and allows automated detection of various hazardous cracks efficiently and quickly. ROBIN’s unique solution is a reliable detection way for any crack initiation or crack propagation on concrete and metal structures. The ROBIN serves, large or small engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Civil Infrastructure (including residential units to transportation infrastructures), Power Generation infrastructures, and heritage buildings. ROBIN’s business includes providing ROBIN’s solution as a service provider and supporting various construction teams and maintenance service providers with ROBIN Technology.