ROBIN's Services

ROBIN inspection technology is developed to allow detecting the initiation of cracks and monitor their propagations in concrete and metal structures. ROBIN’s technology is used as a covering layer for concrete and metal infrastructures. It can be marketed through a Business-to-Business strategy. Due to the product’s novel nature, professional construction and production associations would be a practical starting point for market development. Furthermore, offering the solution to/through large building contractors would be a valuable sales channel. The ROBIN team considers two strategies in its business development. The first strategy is based on partnership with the construction project contractors to support them with ROBIN products in conducting quality control and verification/validation tests. The second strategy is to build long-term subscribing contracts with operation and maintenance bodies for the structures such as municipalities, highway inspection, and energy sectors to conduct performance monitoring and maintenance planning.


Market for ROBIN Service providing – monitoring and health assessment of infrastructures for transportation including bridges and tunnels, and energy generation sectors particularly the infrastructures in waterpower and dams. Providing ROBIN inspection and monitoring services for maintenance of “over 40 years old” highway bridges and highway tunnels, and “large scale” waterpower dams.


Market for ROBIN Technology – Quality Assurance in the construction of new residential, and non-residential buildings. Selling and leasing ROBIN technology to construction companies in the market of new residential, and non-residential buildings for quality assurance applications.

Health & Safety Policy

With commitment, support, participation, and an effective management system, ROBIN strives to ensure the good health and well-being of our workers and keep members of the public safe. ROBIN’s team is committed, so far as reasonably practical, to conduct work activities in a manner that prevents employees, contractors, customers, and visitors from exposure to hazards. Where ROBIN maintains the reputation we have for achieving the highest standards in Health and Safety practice through successful management, implementation, engagement, and communication.

Environmental Policy

Environmental considerations and compliances are extremely important for ROBIN’s operations. The ROBIN team is committed to considering all environmental principles in developing and implementing ROBIN’s technology in various applications and projects.