Analysis of Defficiencies in Building Structure as a Contributing Factor to Building Failure

Building failure is a state where a building is in ruins and/or unusable after the final delivery of construction.
Many factors cause building failure, ranging from imperfect planning, poor use of materials, implementation of
untechnical work, incorrect use of space functionality and improper and/or imprecise maintenance. Previous
studies have researched about planning, supervision and implementation, but this study focuses on the analysis
of building structure deficiencies at the operational stage for 4 main multi-storey buildings of the Jember State
Islamic Institute (IAIN Jember – Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember). This study aims to determine the
condition, reliability and functioning of the buildings, as an initial step to identify the occurrence of building
failures. It studies on buildings above ten years using a visual method and a building structure test of hammer
test method. The results showed that of the 4 buildings that suffered the highest minor damage to the structural
elements was found in the lecture building with a percentage of damage to the structure of 6.45%. The highest
architectural damage was on the staff buildings with 16.90%. The highest utility damage was found at 6.03%
also on the staff building. The methods used was capable in recognizing and evaluating the damage on the
buildings which it could then be applied to prevent building failures