Quality Control in Installation and Stability Monitoring of Metal and Concrete Structures for Bridge at km-209 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway

Following the successful results in the first ROBIN’s project, the team successfully contracted a project in two phases for installation, and stability monitoring for the same bridge at km-209 of the Isfahan-Shiraz Highway.For the stability monitoring phase, the ROBIN team was responsible to design and run a set of tests on the bridge (inspections on the bridge for various loads and traffic) to monitor the bridge for cracks and damages during the actual operation of the bridge. This project was also highly successful and the team were able to save the project contractor from severe damages by locating five highly concerning and propagating crack regions in the structure. Having the cracks information at the right time, the project contractor was able to successfully reinforce the defected regions and by controlling all 5 crack cases effectively, save this multi-million-dollar project.

Installation and Stability Monitoring for Bridge at km-209 of Isfahan-Shiraz Highway